Economic Contribution

An important contributor to Canada’s economy

The six member companies of the Cement Association of Canada operate 15 cement plants in five provinces. They manufacture 100% of the cement produced in this country and, in 2015, exported more than $460 million worth of cement and clinker to the United States. Together, our members provide a reliable, domestic supply of cement required to build Canada’s communities and critical infrastructure. Most are vertically integrated, owning and operating ready mix concrete, construction and aggregate businesses. When combined, the cement and concrete industry’s contribution to the Canadian economy is estimated to be $76 billion annually in direct, indirect and induced impact and over 158,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Concrete is produced locally, using local resources. Our industry is present in communities across the country, creating local jobs, paying corporate taxes and supporting local economies.

The cement and concrete industry in numbers


The number of plants operated by CAC members in Canada.


13 million

The number of tonnes of cement produced by CAC members in 2014.


$1.64 Billion

The dollars value of Canada’s cement production in 2014.


$460 million

The value of Canadian cement exported primarily to the United States in 2014.

1 cubic meter

Estimated amount of concrete per Canadian used each year to build our homes, office towers and public spaces; pave our roads, highways, sidewalks and parking lots; construct sewers and water treatment facilities; build our bridges, ports, airports, dams, power plants and oil well.


$76 Billion

The cement and concrete industry’s estimated annual contribution to the Canadian economy in terms of direct, indirect or induced impact.



The cement and concrete industry’s estimated contribution to the Canadian economy in terms of direct and indirect jobs.

The Canadian cement and concrete industry:
present in communities across the country

At-a-glance view of cement and concrete facilities that are members of the CAC and/or Canada’s concrete producers associations