Concrete Pavement Design and Construction Workshop

Workshop Description

The focus of this workshop is concrete pavement design methods and details but construction means and methods and the interdependence between these means and methods and design also is a key theme. The first day consists of discussions on new concrete pavement and concrete overlay design methods, materials, and resources. The second day will cover joint layout, construction methods and tools, and inspection and testing, all tying back to design and how each affects the others. Upon completing this workshop you’ll know which design software and tools to turn to for a given project and be able to design better performing and more cost-efficient concrete pavements because of the knowledge and appreciation you will have for the construction side of the equation.

Prior Knowledge

A basic understanding of concrete pavement design and construction methods is helpful to this workshop. Much of the discussion will be advanced and assume prior knowledge on common concrete pavement engineering factors and considerations. For more information visit:


Innovations in Concrete Pavement Technology Presentations

The presentations delivered at the Innovations in Concrete Pavement Technology delivered 2012-05-24 at the seminars presented by the Transportation Committee of Manitoba are available here.

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Municipal Concrete Technology Workshops avec la RMCAO

L’Association Canadienne du Ciment  commandite  la Municipal Concrete Technology Workshop Series qui aura lieu en Ontario avec la RMCAO.

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Municipal Concrete Technology Workshop

The Cement Association of Canada is pleased to co-sponsor with the Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario the upcoming Municipal Concrete Technology Workshop Series across Ontario.

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Innovation in Concrete Seminar on February 2, 2009

Over the past few years, there have been significant changes in both concrete specifications and innovations in concrete technology. This seminar will focus on the recent changes in municipal concrete specifications, how to avoid durability issues with exterior flatwork, the proper use of supplement ... Lire la suite...