Streets and Roads

Streets and Roads: The Concrete Advantage

Many municipalities choose concrete pavement because of its reputation for durability and long-term serviceability. It is known to provide high value for investment.

Concrete's lasting performance combined with its aesthetic versatility and ability to reflect light has made it the paving material of choice for many North American cities. Due to its light colour and the way it reflects light, concrete provides better night-time visibility, reduces urban heat island effect and decreases the number of light fixtures required to achieve a given standard of street lighting compared to asphalt.  As a result, cities using concrete pavement can lower their initial investment in lighting fixtures and reduce their long-term energy costs.

Fast-track paving techniques using high-early-strength concrete mixes or precast concrete panel systems allow overnight roadway repairs.  These techniques have increased the attractiveness of concrete pavement for municipal roadway networks by shortening the time traffic needs to be restricted during repairs on busy urban routes.