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Responsibility to our Communities

Community Leaders


The member companies of the Cement Association of Canada strive to play a positive role in each community where the industry operates, by contributing to the local economy, employment, social and charitable donations, community open house days, and through the establishment of local community dialogue groups. Cement companies work to understand and respond to community needs and concerns 

Economic Contribution

Canadian cement plants make substantial contributions to their local economies through jobs, local purchases and taxes.

Canadian cement plants are an important source of high quality jobs in their communities. Over the past five years, employment at cement plants has remained at about 2,000 employees. It is estimated that the industry directly contributed over $1.7 billion to the Canadian economy in 2008, with a large portion of this amount going to local communities.

Community Engagement

CAC member companies engage local communities through both formal and informal means, ranging from citizens' committees to open houses.

Cement plants take complaints seriously, and 13 plants have a formal system in place to log and respond to stakeholder complaints. As well, 12 plants have established systematic or formal dialogue processes with local stakeholders.