Research and Development for Sustainable Manufacturing

R & D is the Key

Canadian cement companies engage in research and development in Canada, North America and globally, to address issues of energy efficiency and environmental impacts.

Through the U.S.-based Portland Cement Association, Canadian and U.S. cement companies are currently collaborating on more than 30 sustainable manufacturing research and development projects, valued at more than $3 million annually.  Among these projects are assessments of various carbon capture technologies, in-situ testing of continuous emissions monitors for mercury releases, and mercury capture and removal technologies.

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Since Canada became an official member of the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (APP) in October 2007, the Canadian cement industry has become an active participant in the APP Cement Task Force.  Through partnership with the Government of Canada in the APP Cement Task Force, whose membership accounts for over 60% of global cement production, Canada's cement industry is collaborating on five of the ten priority research and development projects currently underway.  Looking forward, Canadian cement producers are interested in collaborating on demonstration projects for the increased use of alternative and renewable energy and supplementary cementing materials.