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Our Concrete Allies

Most Canadian cement companies are vertically integrated, and many are also involved in the production of ready-mix concrete and various forms of concrete-based construction. Since concrete uses about 85% of all cement manufactured in Canada, the concrete industry is our major stakeholder and ally. A founding member of the Concrete Council of Canada, the CAC works closely with the concrete industry in its marketing and advocacy efforts, and with the associations below.


American Concrete Institute (www.concrete.org)

Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the American Concrete Institute is advancing concrete knowledge by conducting 125 seminars annually, managing 14 different certification programs, publishing more than 400 technical documents and offering scholarships to students in the field. With 98 chapters and about 15,000 members spanning 108 countries, the American Concrete Institute’s mission is to develop, share, and disseminate the knowledge and information needed to utilize concrete to its fullest potential. For a complete listing of chapters located in Canada, click here

logo CCPPA

Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association (www.ccppa.ca)

Incorporated in 1992, the Canadian Concrete Pipe Association (CCPA) is a non-profit industry association. CCPA was established to coordinate research and development, promotion, education and government relations programs pertaining to the marketing of high quality precast concrete, and wastewater and storm drainage products.


Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (www.ccmpa.ca)

The Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA) is the representative voice of the Canadian concrete block manufacturing industry, and internationally, is Region 6 of the National Concrete Masonry Association, based in the United States. CCMPA’s roots date back to the 1960s and the association has since represented a wide range of concrete producers and suppliers, providing an information source for training, technological research, facility modernization, and new product development.

logo CPCI

Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (www.cpci.ca)

The Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) is a non-profit organization based in Ottawa. Its purpose is to advance the use of structural precast, prestressed concrete, architectural precast concrete and post-tensioned concrete in Canada. CPCI has 26 active members with 34 plants operating in Canada from coast to coast.


Canadian Ready Mixed Concrete Association (www.crmca.ca)

The Canadian Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) is a non-profit association established in 1981 to represent federally legislated issues affecting the ready mixed concrete industry. CRMCA’s membership comprises each of Canada’s provincial and regional ready mixed concrete associations and the national cement industry.


Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (www.icpi.org)

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), founded in 1993, is the North American trade association representing the interlocking concrete paving industry. ICPI is considered by peer associations around the world as the leader in development and dissemination of technical information for design professionals and contractors. Our leadership position is due to years of commitment and energy from more than 800 members. ICPI engages in a broad range of technical, marketing, educational, government relations and communications activities.