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2012 Environmental Performance Report

The Cement Association of Canada is pleased to present the Canadian Cement Industry 2012 Environmental Performance Report. This is our fourth biennial report and a reflection of our ongoing commitment to transparency with our stakeholders and the public.

The primary use of cement is in concrete, which is the second most used material (after water) on earth. Concrete is literally the foundation upon which modern societies and economies are built and we believe it will be the foundation of the sustainable societies and economies of the future. From net-zero buildings and fuel efficient highways to soil solidification and stabilization and healthier rainwater management, cement and concrete will play an important role in addressing many of society’s most pressing sustainability challenges.


Ontario's Best in Concrete Awarded at Concrete Canada

Ontario's Best in Concrete Awarded at Concrete Canada http://dcnonl.com/article/id53003/--ontariorsquos-best-in-concrete-awarded ... Read more...

Build It Once, Build It To Last

In his article on “20-storey buildings”, Dave McGinn writes about the vision of building high-rises from wood. Just because something can be done doesn't make it a sound option. We must look to fact and research combined with sound principles of environmental stewardship. The safety of mid-rise cro ... Read more...

Sydney Tar Ponds Remediation Wins Top Award

Sydney Tar Ponds remediation, where blended cements were used to stabilize and remediate the cooling pond, wins top award at the Canadian Urban Institute's 2012 Brownie Award for best overall project. On overview of the project is available here from the site CanadianConsultingEngineer.com, which d ... Read more...

Earth Rangers and Holcim Canada Announce a National Partnership to Help “Bring Back the Wild" for Migratory Song Birds in Canada

The partnership between Earth Rangers and Holcim Canada will focus on three migratory song birds found on Holcim Canada properties. Highlighting a different species each year, this year's conservation project with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.