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Concrete Roadway Potential Evaluator

This tool is a means for authorized individuals to estimate the potential benefits of using concrete roadways in areas where they are appropriate. The tool accomplishes this by selecting the most appropriate pavement type based on cost or policy to use on the individual sections identified in the roadway database. The database includes information on each section of highway such as length of sections, Annual Average Daily Truck Traffic (AADTT) and annual Equivalent Single Axle Loads (ESALs), for highways  in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The graphic results of the analysis identify the potential distribution of concrete by province for the policy filter (truck levels) and cost filter options.

The Concrete Roadway Potential Evaluator allows the user to input information on costs and pavement structures, and set truck level policy decision parameters.  In addition, the fuel cost savings spreadsheet tab identifies the truck fuel savings from having the sections of highway being built in concrete pavement compared to asphalt and determines the associated fuel cost savings and related emissions reductions (CO2, NOx and SO2).

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