Highway 13 North - Laval, Quebec

Project Details
Year: 2000
General contractor: Asphalte J.L. Campeau inc.
Sub-contractor – concrete: DEMIX Concrete
Plans, specs, concept: Génivar, Tecsult
Supervision: Génivar, Tecsult
Client: City of Laval
Concrete Slab Data
Area: 167,200 m2
Thickness: 270 mm Volume: 45,150 m3
28-day strength: Compressive: 35 MPa Flexural: 4.5 MPa
Longitudinal joints: Bituminous
Transverse joints: Premolded
Curing: Chemical
Cement used: Ternary
Aggregate: 40 mm
Entrained air: 4 – 7%
Slump: 40 ± 10 mm
Other Technical Data
Sub-base: Recycled material from old slab
Base: 0–20 mm
Drainage: Sump on right and ditch on left
• 2 km were constructed with continuously reinforced slab
• Cement-stabilized free-draining base
• Transverse tining

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