Case Studies on the Performance of Concrete Highways Across Canada

As part of the Cement Association of Canada's partnership with the Government of Canada Action Plan 2000 on Climate Change, Minerals and Metals Program (administered by Natural Resources Canada), the Association has undertook the development and presentation of case studies designed to document the performance of concrete highways across Canada. Documenting the performance of each of these projects demonstrates the value of investing in concrete pavements as a dependable and long lasting infrastructure solution.

Case Studies
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pdf Grant McConachie Way Vancouver, B.C. 196.11 Kb
pdf Deerfoot Trail Calgary, Alberta 149.29 Kb
pdf Yellowhead Trail in Edmonton, Alberta 234.82 Kb
pdf Kenaston Boulevard in Winnipeg, Manitoba 375.36 Kb
pdf Highway 75 in Manitoba 363.62 Kb
pdf Highway 427 in Toronto, Ontario 235.56 Kb
pdf Highway 417 East in Ontario 305.96 Kb
pdf Highway 407 ETR Toronto, Ontario 412.14 Kb
pdf Huron Church Road Windsor, Ontario 463.25 Kb
pdf Route 11, New Brunswick 282.41 Kb
pdf Trans-Canada Highway 104 in Nova Scotia 465.86 Kb