Newfoundland Transshipment Project, Whiffen Head, Newfoundland


The Challenge


The transshipment facility at Whiffen Head, Newfoundland is the first oil terminal constructed in Canada in more than 25 years. The terminal is a regional facility supporting the transshipment of crude oil from Hibernia, and other Grand Banks offshore developments, to refineries in the U.S., Canada and overseas. The project team was formed through an alliance between Mobil, Chevron, PetroCanada, Bantrel, Sandwell and their construction partners.

The Solution


Sandwell was responsible for the design of the marine structures, including the main jetty platform, associated breasting and mooring dolphins, the access trestle and a concrete caisson tug basin to shelter the new high performance tugs that would assist the docking tankers. The project team undertook the design and construction of the entire facility in a two-year period. Through the use of precast concrete, the marine structures were successfully designed and constructed in a one-year period, a very aggressive undertaking for a marine project in an exposed location.

Construction Methodologies


Precast concrete features

The new facility can accommodate tankers up to 155,000 DWT, including the purpose built 127,000 DWT shuttle tanker designed to offload crude oil from Hibernia and other fields. All concrete was in accordance with CSA A23.1 Class Cl with a minimum of 8% silica fume. The water cement ratio of the concrete topping was reduced to 0.38 to reduce shrinkage. The project implemented a moist curing period of three days for all second stage concrete topping. All concrete at the site was batched locally using carefully selected local aggregates. Shear transfer through the bond between the concrete topping and the precast substrata was ensured by applying a retarder to the precast surface and then water blasting the surface after a 12 hour period. This simple, yet effective method ensured the precast concrete bond surface was clean, sound and had a rough profile. The 360 m continuous (10 span) approach trestle was constructed using 90 precast planks. The planks were set 12 mm above the steel girder flange and the space between the girder flange and panel grouted with a sanded flowable grout mix.

Project Team
Owner NTL Newfoundland Transshipment Ltd
Engineering Alliance Bantrel Inc., Sandwell Engineering Inc., Sheppard Greene Ltd., Bae-Newplan Group, Newfoundland Design Ltd., Amec.
Contractors MacNamara Ltd., Pitts & Ballast Needham

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