Don Mills Station


The Challenge


Don Mills Station is the east end terminal station of the new Sheppard subway line in Toronto, with an entrance from the Fairview Mall and adjoining bus terminal. The Toronto Transit Commission and Cadillac Fairview collaborated to build a parking structure to provide the required parking for this new station. The structure was required to accommodate larger vehicles and provide a safe, well-lit, open environment.

The Solution


Post-tensioned concrete slabs were used in the construction of the parking structure to provide a low-maintenance, open parking garage with over 1,000 additional parking spaces for Fairview Mall and TTC commuters. The post-tensioned slabs allowed for long spans between columns. Reducing the number of columns, creates an open, safe atmosphere and increases the number of parking spaces available. The elimination of deep beams provided the clearance required for today’s larger vehicles, while minimizing the overall height of the structure. To compliment the mall design, architectural white concrete was used for all exterior applications and the stairwells and elevator were built with full windows on one side maintaining the open, well-lit design.

Construction Methodologies

Phased Construction


The parking structure was constructed in two phases. Phase 1 construction began in January 1998 and by November 1998 the upper level parking structure was completed and work on the bus terminal had begun. In Phase 2, construction on the lower levels began in January 1999 and the bus terminal and lower levels were completed and opened to the public in November 1999.

Phase 1 parking consists of four suspended post-tensioned parking slabs with post-tensioned ramps to all levels. Each slab was placed in a single pour and required more then 1,100m3 of a special high performance 45 MPa concrete. The two ramp sections measure 80 meters by 18 meters and required more then 500m3 of concrete. The stairwell and cast-in-place balustrades were poured with white concrete. All concrete was air entrained and used high range superplasticizer.

Phase 2 parking consists of four suspended post-tensioned parking slabs with candy cane shaped ramps for the two lower levels. The ramps for the two lower levels required an upstand beam of architectural white concrete to match with the Mall and balustrades from Phase 1.

The use of post-tensioned, high performance concrete simplified the construction of the parking structure, providing a longer life for the structure, minimizing maintenance and providing it with a longer life.

Project Team
Architect Richard Stevens Architects Limited
Engineer Earth Tech Canada Inc.
Contractor Walter Construction (Canada) Ltd.
Material Supplier Blue Circle Material
Rebar, tension cables BBR - Harris P/T A Joint Venture
Architectural formwork Right Forming (1996) Ltd.
Precast balustrades Tri-Krete Limited

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