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Asia-Pacific Partnership Cement Task Force

Active Participants

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The first meeting of the Cement Task Force since Canada became an official member of the APP in fall 2007 was held May 12 to 16, 2008 in Charleston, South Carolina. This constituted the fifth official meeting of the Cement Task Force.  The Canadian delegation included representatives from the Cement Association of Canada, its member companies, the Government of Canada and EcoSmart.  Canada has been nominated and appointed to the position of Vice Chair of the Cement Task Force; this constitutes the sole Vice-Chair position held by any Canadian delegation amongst the eight APP task forces.

To date, the Cement Task Force has developed an Action Plan and is in the process of implementing ten projects, including three "flagship" projects.  Although joining two years after the establishment of the Cement Task Force, the Canadian delegation has completed its submission to one project, and further committed to four other projects.  The Cement Association of Canada and its member companies look forward to future projects with the Cement Task Force on enhancing supplementary cementing materials and alternative and renewable energies in Canada's cement industry