Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport - Dorval, Quebec

Apron rehabilitation – Phase 1
Project Details
Year: 2000
General contractor: DEMIX Construction
Sub-contractor – concrete: DEMIX Construction
Plans, specs, concept: Tredec, Groupe Teknika
Supervision: Tredec, Groupe Teknika
Client: Montreal International Airport

Concrete slab data
Area: 12,317 m2
Thickness: 380 mm Volume: 4,680 m3
28-day strength: Compressive: N/A Flexural: 5 MPa
Joints: Concrete – neoprene
Joints: Asphalt concrete – hot
Curing: Meadows curing compound
Cement used: Type MS, Ternary
Aggregate: 40 mm
Entrained air: 5 – 8%
Slump: ± 80 mm

Other technical data
Sub-base: Variable thickness, 5–56
Base: Variable thickness, 0–20
Drainage: Existing

• Placement of concrete: 12 m wide vibrating screed
• Insertion of dowels and tie-bars in appropriately modified forms

435, Trans-Canada Hwy.
Longueil, Québec J4G 2P9
Tel.: (514) 522-7220
Fax: (514) 525-9459

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